Bahasa Language Pastoral Staff

Pastor Alan Tan
Executive Pastor (Bahasa Malaysia)


Sis. Ellis Maranata
Taman Pelangi Outreach

Pastor John Looi
Pastor for Sungai Petani & Kulim Outreach

Pastor Dimin Bansai
Worship Pastor

4 thoughts on “Bahasa Language Pastoral Staff

    1. Encik Mickey, Sila rujuk ke pada “BAHASA CONGREGATION SERVICES”. Terima Kasih.


  1. Hi!
    My name is Melody and I am from a christian organisation in Klang called SPECS. I am wanting to connect with the pastors in Bahasa service because we provide some free materials and discipleship programs for churches all over Malaysia. We aim to strengthen the church and support the persecuted Christians. A friend recommended FGA Church in Penang which is why I am contacting you :)

    Can someone connect me to the person in charge? That will be greatly appreciated. Please do get back to me!

    Thanks so much and looking forward to connecting!

    Melody Yew
    SPECS Berhad


    1. Dear Melody Yew,
      Thank you for visiting the FGA Centre Page
      Please refer to the Bahasa Congreagation Page to get more info.
      Thank you again.


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