Elder & Executive Pastor

Lim Heok Hooi – Executive Elder / Chairman of the Board

Elder Heok Hooi oversees the Mission Council, Admin Office and gives leadership and direction, as well as spiritual input to the various ministry teams in the different congregations. He is also actively involved in teaching and preaching. He is married to Koe Paik Lean and they have two children: Sheryl and Esther Lim.


Leow Chong Leang– Elder / Executive Pastor (English) /Board of Directors

Elder Chong Leang gives leadership and direction, and spiritual input to the various ministry teams in the different congregations. He travels to different congregations to preach. His wife, Boon Leng, is involved in the worship ministry of the church besides ministering closely with Pastor Chong Leang. They have two children: Sharon and Shaun Leow.


Dr. Yeoh Keat Cheong – Elder / Board of Directors

Elder Dr Yeoh gives leadership and direction, and spiritual input to the various ministry teams in the different congregations. He travels to different congregations to preach. His wife, Cheng Cheng, is the Worship Coordinator of North Zone and actively ministers alongside Dr. Yeoh. They have two children: Joshua and Caleb Yeoh.

 Pastor Lim Heok Cheow- Christian Education Minister

Pastor Heok Cheow is the Pastor of all the English Congregations. He is presently also the key leader over FGA Centre (North) as well as overseeing the EQUIP Centre of FGAC – World Christians Discipleship Process (WCDP), teaching and training, and curriculum development. Besides that, he gives pastoral oversight to the youth and campus ministries. His wife, Ean Beng helps in the Children’s Ministry of North Zone and works closely with Pr Heok Cheow. They have three children: Judson, Joyce, and Jesher Lim.


 Lim Eng Hong – Advisor to the Children’s Ministry / Board of Directors

Bro. Eng Hong provides leadership, support and strength to the entire Children’s Ministry of the English congregations together with his wife, Goay Khim. They have two children: Li Lian and Li Wei.


cheng kin1

 Pastor Tan Cheng Kin – Executive Pastor (English Congregation)

Pastor Cheng Kin is the Pastor overseeing the Saturday Night English Congregation. She is also part of the mobile church visiting the elderly who are unable to attend church on Sundays. She teaches and preaches on a regular basis in the various congregations.

Pastor Alan Tan – Executive Pastor (Bahasa Malaysia Congregation)

Pastor Alan gives leadership, direction, and pastoral oversight over the Bahasa Malaysia services on the island as well as in Prai, Kulim and Sungai Petani. He also oversees the Cross-Cultural Ministry – a ministry to the migrant workers in Penang. He is married to Pheobe and has a daughter, Eunice.

Ps Lai Kim Sang – Executive Pastor (Chinese Congregation)

Pastor Lai gives leadership, direction, and pastoral oversight over all the Chinese Language services as well as Hokkien-speaking congregation. He is actively training leaders and teaching the Word of God regularly. His wife, Rosalinda is also a pastor. She is in charge of the Equipping ministry, teaching and training. She is also overseeing the youth ministry in the Chinese church besides working closely alongside her husband in pastoral care. They have a son Joshua.

ps kenny

Pastor Kenny Yu – Assistant Executive Pastor (English Congregation)

Pastor Kenny Yu is the Pastor Coordinator of the English Congregations in the mainland. He is also the pastor of FGA Centre (Prai). He represents the church in the Penang Ministers’ Fellowship. His wife, Irene works closely with Pr Kenny. They have two children: Cheryl and Debbie Yu.

6 thoughts on “Elder & Executive Pastor

  1. I am an international evangelist from England I will be taking a few days break in Langkawi following mission trips into Cambodia & the Central Pennisula to the Orang Asli. It would be good to have some fellowship what day do you have meetings. It could be your church I was brought to by someone called Ernest Ong I believe he worked at Westin. I love Langkawi I came there for several years with my wife. I hope to arrive around 25 Aug.


    1. Dear Pastor Peter,
      Sorry for the late reply. I hope you are still or going to Langkawi for your holidays. If you need to contact our pastor in Langkawi, here is his phone no.: 012 4389495 (Pastor Ooi Eng Kor)
      Thank you for visiting us. Hope and pray that we will be in contact in the near future. God Bless.
      FGA Centre


  2. Hi

    I will be in both Penang and Langkawi and was wondering how I could get involved? maybe to visit and serve with any of the outreach or missions you do both in your church and outside. I see you have many branchees and I’m a bit confused on which/where to go.

    God bless



    1. Dear Tolu, Thanks for taking time to visit our website. On the request of involving in our church, you are welcome. Just how many days will you be here in penang and langkawi and what do you hope to do? Please let us know in more details so we can arrange for it. Thank you and God Bless!
      FGA Centre


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