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An Introduction to the Old Testament Template, by Landa Cope

Are you wondering why the Christian faith has become weak and ineffectual in dealing with issues of politics, economics, beauty, the family and daily issues of life?

Throughout history, people of faith have thought and acted in ways thaty influenced communities and nations affecting development of public education, worker’s rights, economic development, the concept of a free press, help for the victimized and disenfranchised. Martin Luther is recorded to have said that a gospel that does not deal with the issues of the day is not the Gospel at all. Within these pages you’ll discover the Biblical thinking that addresses the issues of the 21st century in an effective and redemptive way.

Landa Cope has put the challenge of the principles of The Old Testament Template to leaders in politics, business and church, on every continent of the world. Now you can rediscover how a vital, relevant, and effective Biblical Christianity can bring a righteous influence back into the public arena.


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